Environment Tips To Avoid Accidents At Work

Tips To Avoid Accidents At Work

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While workplace accidents are falling, the figures are still staggeringly high. Each accident at work is accompanied by “direct costs” and “indirect costs.””Direct costs” include a subsequent legal settlement, restitution, damage to buildings and vehicles, downtime, worker replacement, etc. The “indirect costs” relate to the impact on the working atmosphere and the company’s image.Here are enough reasons to do everything possible to minimize the risk of accidents at work. Below are valuable tips that can help you do this and also get  corner guards rubber  for the edges of your tables.

Encourage A Safe And Healthy Working Attitude

The risk of accidents is much lower in companies that promote a culture of safety and a sense of responsibility. It’s not only about the safety of your colleagues but also your safety as a worker. A healthy working attitude, therefore, also means that you carry out your activities responsibly, thereby reducing the risk of personal injury or complaints to an absolute minimum.Also,ensure that the workplace is always clean and tidy so that no accident can be attributed to negligence or nonchalance.

Secure Your Machine Park

Almost all production companies use machines and robots. Ensure all machines are sufficiently secure and protected, especially when these machines present a potential safety hazard, such as saws and cutters or installations that give off extreme heat. Moreover, machine protection works both ways: you not only protect the environment but also significantly limit the risk of damage to machines.

To secure your machines, you can install security grilles. Then use flexible protection made of polymer reinforced with fiberglass. It will allow you to keep pedestrians away from machinery if they trip or become distracted. If forklifts also frequent the warehouse, you can install grids with traffic barriers around the machines.

Have Your Vehicles Checked

Vehicles such as trucks and vans must undergo a technical inspection every year. The law even requires that certain vehicles be checked every quarter. This is particularly true for mobile cranes, tower cranes, aerial work platforms, and hoists.

Forklift control is often overlooked, while precisely these machines circulate near pedestrians andsignificantly contribute to workplace accidents! It is recommended that forklifts are inspected at regular intervals and checked daily to ensure that all features are operational.

Introduce A Speed Limit For Forklifts

Agree on a maximum speed with the different forklift drivers. An appropriate speed reduces the risk of an accident, especially in places with many pedestrians. Speed rules are a good start, but they don’t give you complete control. A physical delimitation, preventing the forklift drivers from progressing at high speed, is, in this case, much more effective.

Learn From Accidents

An accident at work occurs? Carefully consider how this could have happened and how to ensure that such a situation does not happen again. Can the area/machine where the accident occurred be made more secure? Is sufficient signage in place? Are the workers aware of the potential risks? Are there other places within the company likely to cause such an accident?It is not always possible to completely exclude the risk of an accident, but the least you can do is to prevent the same accident from happening twice. Assess whether the risk can be addressed at the source. If not, take technical, organizational, or general measures to minimize the risk.

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