Entertainment Cocktail Dresses: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Cocktail Dresses: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

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Most women will be invited to a formal event that requires cocktail attire. To fully appreciate cocktail dresses, you must understand their origins.

In the 1920’s, cocktail dresses were first created. This was a time when women were rising in the social ranks. They were invited to elegant parties and glamorous lounges that focused on cocktails. In this period, this link dresses were often short sheaths with coordinating accessories. These parties were held between 6 and 8 p.m., which meant that there was some formality but not black tie.

The American people were ready to celebrate their lives as World War I was over. Women had fully accepted the simplicity of cocktail dresses and wanted to live a happy life. The demand for cocktail dresses was so high that even French designers, who were accustomed to designing couture clothes, began to design them. While these dresses retained the traditional sheath design of past designs, they were modernized with a chic design aesthetic that gave hostesses and guests an elegant and fashionable look.

The styles of French designers began to change not long after WWI. Cocktail dresses were once very simple and plain-looking. But elements of the designs changed quickly. America took notice of designs with silk trimmings and satins.

Cocktail dresses were actually popularized in 1930s as a standard wardrobe item. Looks that could be worn from day to night were popular among stars of the day.

In the 30’s and 40’s, the traditional hemline for a cocktail gown tended to drop to the ankle.
This was until World War II, when lengths began to increase.

Late 1940’s, dresses became more popular and featured prominently in magazines. It was no longer a special item and became a staple in every woman’s wardrobe by the 1960s.

Nearly every woman has a little black dress she loves. Cocktail dresses don’t have to be black. Bright and bold colors are widely accepted. Designers today often embellish their designs with sequins and ribbons as well as rhinestones and other decorative accents.

Cocktail dresses have been popular for decades and will remain so as fashion trends change. These dresses are great for dressy occasions without being too formal.

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